Weval Concert @ Fri-Son, Fribourg - TH 07.12.2023 - Just Because
Weval Concert at Fri-Son, Fribourg on TH 07.12.2023


TH 07.12.2023
Fri-Son, Fribourg

The duo from Amsterdam has cultivated a unique sound that balances energetic electronic funk and soulful synth arrangements with bold, beautifully composed melodies and songwriting. In late 2021, Weval set out to explore what really drives them. Their creative process has been reinvigorated by an uninhibited approach and EP 'Changed For The Better' represents them unfiltered. It is sincere, comes from the heart and is unashamedly positive.

Harm and Merijn met in 2010 and joined forces in 2012 when they were both working in film. Harm brought Merijn on board to help with a music video for a band of friends (two of whom are now part of their five-piece touring band). They started experimenting together, enjoying music production more than film editing. Neither of them had any experience making music before forming Weval, so they organically developed together over the duration of their project.

In November 2022, the single "Forever" was released, shortly after "Never Stay For Love" with Dutch singer-songwriter Eefje de Visse. In "Forever", the duo focuses on driving electronica with a steady pulsating bassline, an arpeggio of synthesizers and Harm's lovely vocals that hold the very structured track together.

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