Ziggy Alberts Concert @ X-Tra, Zürich - TU 23.07.2024 - Just Because
Ziggy Alberts Concert at X-Tra, Zürich on TU 23.07.2024

Ziggy Alberts

TU 23.07.2024
X-Tra, Zürich

Doors: 19h00
Nathan Ball: 20h00
Ziggy Alberts: 21h00

In just a few years, Australian singer-songwriter and surfer Ziggy Alberts has not only won numerous awards and already completed several sold-out tours, but has also gained worldwide recognition and captivated fans around the world.

This is due not only to his talent in songwriting but also to his characteristic, energetic and captivating stage presence. His concerts are sing-along experiences, where the authentic musician opens his heart to the audience and shares his melodies about adventure, courage and solidarity.

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