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 Sam Tompkins

Sam Tompkins

The first thing you notice about Sam Tompkins is that voice. Half-sung and half-rapped, it’s completely original and utterly captivating. An artist in the truest sense, he values emotional honesty as much as artistic integrity, with song writing that feels both broad and utterly his own. “What I really want to be remembered for is my storytelling,” he comments. “What people connect with is what I put my heart and soul into.”

Moving from soaring R&B highs, and brutal pop lows, his material is hewn from the everyday, from the struggles that we all experience, that we all go through. And he’s connecting – each new song builds that audience, with millions having already let his music into their lives.

Sam is in complete control of his vision and works across all creative aspects of a release: “Inspiration, in general, is really important to me,” he says. “I love to be super on top of everything. From the writing, all the way down to the editing of the music video or the artwork. All of it is comes from me.”

This is the sound of Sam Tompkins, someone who is living his life, and communicating that on as deep a level as possible. “My closest, closest friends are people who live a normal life, and I feel that I live a normal life,” he insists. “Nothing has really changed apart from the fact that I’m happy.”

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