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Born in 91, on the last year of the Soviet Union Tommy Cash experienced a blend of the Baltic ghetto and the lingering Russian heritage whilst growing up. Turning to art for self expression he experimented across dancing hip-hop and street-art, finally to arrive to his latest conquest - music. His creativity derives from the cultural capital of post-Soviet sceneries and the sounds of leading figures of western rap music.
Unpacking the layers of Tommy Cash you'll find a genuine admiration for art, the iconic three stripes Adidas, equestrianism and Kanye West - all of which construct the conceptual artist who is capable of championing equality and inclusivity, smashing preconceptions and transcending boundaries of sexuality, genres and history.

Since the early stages of his musical career Tommy has been strongly present in the underground rave scene. Pioneering a fresh sound he joins the flow of uncompromising artists of today's musical landscape.

His first release came in the form of 'Euros Dollars Yeniz' mixtape in November 2014, followed by a collaboration with the ultimate Russian villain gang, Little Big. Though it wasn't until the release of 'Winaloto' in the summer of 2016 Tommy's craft was fully introduced to the world. The freakishly hypnotic video of 'Winaloto' produced and art directed by Anna-Lisa Himma and directed by Tommy himself has quickly amassed millions of plays and received heat from the likes of Highsnobiety, NME, and VICE. Gaining critical acclaim, it brought home 'Video of the Year' award at Estonian Music Awards.

"A legitimate creator" - Paper Magazine

"as inspired and as reverential as the greats before him" - Clash

"a distinct style and powerful stage presence that sets him apart" - i-D

"Cash uses his platform to confront uncomfortable prejudices, and is a champion of inclusivity, sexual freedom and body positivity" - Dazed

"A cross between Eminem in his prime, cult filmmaker John Waters and that kid in your high school class who hid in the corner putting gum under the desk" - Highsnobiety

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