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“It couldn’t be anyone else. It has to be us four,” says VOIID’s lead vocalist, Anji Greenwood. With a newly confessional bend and a sound that straddles the faultline between alt-rock and post-punk, the band’s debut LP, Watering Dead Flowers, couldn’t be anything else either.

Since 2015, VOIID has excavated a space in Australia’s DIY underground which belongs solely to them and their voracious set of fans. Based in Meanjin, VOIID’s acerbic EPs - Pussy Orientated (2017), Drool (2019) and Socioanomaly (2020) - followed in the footsteps of the feminist punk bands before them, exposing the physical and emotional brutality which pushes young women to the margins. Anji, Mina Cannon (drums), Antonia Hickey (bass/vocals) and Kate Mcguire (guitar/vocals) have built a haven for listeners to feel empowered in their anger, their wildness and their friendships.

Recorded in 2021 by Matt Cochran (Talk Heavy, WALKEN) with assistance from Caleb Anderson (Mouse), Watering Dead Flowers sees VOIID break from their external focus, turning their gaze inwards for the first time. Influenced by the likes of that dog., Juliana Hatfield and Beabadoobee, its diaristic songs are both headstrong and unsteady, calculating and vulnerable in the way they explore the defining relationships and emotions of young adulthood. The personal remains political, but the record’s strongest anchor is the unit of the band and the connection between its members, a sacred constant in the face of ever-shifting romantic and family dynamics.

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