AVEC Concert at Zermatt Unplugged, Zermatt on FR 12.04.2019


FR 12.04.2019
Zermatt Unplugged, Zermatt

With her ballad “Granny” - which gently dealt with the topic of Alzheimers disease, and was featured in a TV campaign - young Austrian songstress AVEC catapulted herself onto the scene of “chamber pop” in 2016. She just announced her second album in September 2018 and released a beautiful new ballad from that forthcoming record called "Love".

Drawing inspiration from Bon Iver, John Mayer, The Lumineers, Daughter and RYX, AVEC’s sound could be best likened to artists such as Lucy Rose or Courtney Barnett, for her thought-provoking and emotive songwriting skills. AVEC deals with difficult personal experiences and feelings through music. Music is her therapy - therapy that not only helps her, but helps others too. Writing from the heart, the deep and meaningful connotations in her lyrics juxtapose the gentle plucking of her guitar strings. Lyrics are the key component in her songs, and sharing her story gives her the creative power to portray human life and feelings through music.

AVEC’s latest single ‘Love’ is a sentiment-soaked voyage through the past, present and future - the inevitable clasp of love’s unpredictability. Blissed-out guitars and melancholic pianos swim amidst AVEC’s velvetine vocal work, above a toe-tapping percussive build as all tone and timbre fuse together to create a storm of affectionate charm.

Commenting on the new single, AVEC says: “Love is such a powerful force - it can make you feel like heaven and as soon as you feel safe, you turn around and you’re stuck in hell! It can be self-destructive and at some point it might break you, but in the end, love is a very innocent thing and means nothing less than acceptance, trust and forgiveness - love more! This song is the oldest one on the record - I wrote it in April 2016 and we’ve been playing it live ever since. While recording this one all the sudden it started raining so heavily and that’s what you can hear at the end of the track - it’s amazing!”

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