Beranger Concert @ X-Tra Musikcafe, Zürich - TU 21.11.2023 - Just Because
Beranger Concert at X-Tra Musikcafe, Zürich on TU 21.11.2023


TU 21.11.2023
X-Tra Musikcafe, Zürich

Doors: 19h00
Beranger: 20h00

Extremes - from the wildest passion to the most excruciating suffocation - characterize the epic structures from which Beranger's unique sound is forged. In insane arrangements, Beranger simultaneously immerses their listeners in ice baths and make them burst into flames. Just as gloom and ecstasy collide in their records, their heavy piano arrangements come together with powerful drums and a live band sound which now features guitar and bass as well.

Beranger's unstoppable live energy infects everyone from indie kids to more mature rockers. Most of the audience members being loyal fans who discovered them playing countless intimate busking gigs on the streets of Berlin. The underdog of classical piano, Beranger has won people's hearts and minds through the sheer talent and integrity of their sound.

Their melodic narratives range between vanilla and violence, often captivating and horrifying at the same time. A busking band at heart, Beranger's explosive choruses do not shy away from risky piano breakdowns, an immediately recognizable touch of their for some fans of European street music.

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