Kaufmann Concert @ Zwarmäntigabermusig, Zürich - MO 06.11.2023 - Just Because
Kaufmann Concert at Zwarmäntigabermusig, Zürich on MO 06.11.2023


MO 06.11.2023
Zwarmäntigabermusig, Zürich

It hardly gets more authentic than this. Anyone who listened to the indie guitar of English and American bands in the '90s and post-millennium feels picked up again and again by Kaufmann's new work. It smells like a musty London open-mic tavern, but sounds as powerful as if the songs were produced at Abbey Road Studios. A listen through the album reveals something: it's still possible to compose handmade, analog and honest pop numbers that don't include an accordion or need an alphorn on the cover to exude their Swissness. Sometimes a sincere name giver is enough, who knows himself and his roots. And his songs.