Starset Concert @ Dynamo, Zürich - TU 03.03.2020 - Just Because
Starset Concert at Dynamo, Zürich on TU 03.03.2020


TU 03.03.2020
Dynamo, Zürich


Due to the decision of the Swiss Federal Council and based on the Swiss law on epidemics prevention, article 6, all upcoming public events above 1’000 attendees are forced to being cancelled, as of February 28, 10.30h. The ban for now lasts until March 15, 2020, but could be prolonged.

The concert of Starset, on March 3rd at Dynamo, Zürich remains for now unaffected by the ban on events, we will inform accordingly should that change.

We thank you for your understanding.

Just Because

Visionary media collective STARSET have carved out a unique path as part cinematic rock band, part conceptual storytellers, weaving an intricate narrative through multimedia and redefining the concept of a truly immersive entertainment experience.

Led by enigmatic front man and PhD candidate Dustin Bates, the band have made it their mission to take fans on a truly integrated journey, through music, video, AR-integrated performances, a Marvel graphic novel and online experiences, blurring the lines of science fact and fiction.

The band’s third album DIVISIONS provides the soundtrack to the next chapter of their overarching narrative - one of a dystopian future world divided by the technology that has taken over in a war for human consciousness - those obeying and implementing it, and those fighting against it. Clues have been left behind by The Starset Society through a series of transmissions of what will occur in the future and seeded throughout the campaign for fans to find, and for them to become part of the story itself in a search for knowledge and the reveal new music.

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