Zak Abel Concert @ Plaza, Zürich - WE 15.11.2023 - Just Because
Zak Abel Concert at Plaza, Zürich on WE 15.11.2023

Zak Abel

WE 15.11.2023
Plaza, Zürich

Doors: 19h00
Charlotte Jane: 19h30
Zak Abel: 20h30

Once tipped for the future, Zak Abel is now on the cusp of something special as he announces his eagerly anticipated new album Love Over Fear.

Zak has already had a spellbinding 2023, playing the King's Coronation along with releasing a string of impeccable singles. Possessing one of the most impressive British male singing voices of his generation, his music emanates an instinctively soulful, funky feel, with an ability to fast-track an insatiable chorus.

Zak explains; “This new album is an expression of where I’ve been at over the last couple of years. Trying to follow optimistic, loving, positive perspectives over the ones which come from a place of fear. It’s been a slightly terrifying process of looking inwards and finding the topics that are uncomfortable to explore but evoke an emotional reaction in me. Hopefully they do the same for other people.”

The album’s latest offering, ‘Woman’, co-written with the illustrious Jamie Hartmann (Lewis Capaldi, Celeste, Rag ‘n’ Bone Man), pairs classic dance beats with unforgettable lyrics - listen HERE. “Woman is a tribute to a woman I love. She’s been an anchor that’s kept me grounded and a mirror to show me when I’m on the wrong path. Life is a lot richer with her by my side.”

London born Zak rose to fame after providing a host of guest appearances. Freedom with Kygo (202 million streams), Beautiful Escape with Tom Misch (92 million), Ten More Days with Avicii (30 million), Bad with Don Diablo (93 million) and The Power with Duke Dumont (54 million).

After finding a love for singing aged 14, Zak started playing piano and recording himself. He was also so gifted at Table Tennis, that for a period in his mid-teens he lived in France, alone, training full-time, on the cusp of making the Team GB Olympic squad. Also having Olympic-grade melodic skills, though, meant he kept going back to music.

Many more songs followed, eventually landing him a deal with Atlantic while he was still in his teens. He could still hear what made a hit, but the brutal truth was: he was losing his hearing in his right ear.

Aged 21, before he’d had a chance to release his debut album, he was diagnosed with Otosclerosis - the overgrowth and brittleness of the stapes bone, which befell both Beethoven and Frankie Valli. That means it can't vibrate, which means you can’t hear… anything in that ear.

He decided to go for an operation to replace the bone with an artificial implant – a high risk bet for anyone, far less a musician. The outcome was great. “About 95 per cent of my hearing on my right ear came back, in terms of volume. But music isn't just about volume. The actual retraining of pitch, that took a while.”

Fresh and ready to conquer, enter album two: a set of flawless songs that channel his life, loves and influences like John Legend, Sam Smith and Paulo Nutini.

Zak Abel is a reborn star for 2023, and hearing is believing.

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